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  • Little Mountain Lookout

    Little Mountain Lookout

    A great place to take in a panoramic view of Mount Vernon and the surrounding Skagit Valley.

  • Agriculture still plays a large roll in the Skagit County economy.

  • Skagit Valley Tulip Field

    Skagit Valley Tulip Field

    Each April fields of color explode throughout the Skagit Valley region.

  • Washington State Ferry

    Washington State Ferry

    Expand your adventure with a trip to the San Juan Islands from Anacortes.

  • Gorge Dam at Diablo

    Gorge Dam at Diablo

    One of three major dams in the Skagit River Project.


The I Love Skagit County Guide is a key element in the promotion of tourism in Skagit County. Locally owned businesses make up the framework of our economy and are greatly dependent on tourism dollars. The I Love Skagit County Guide showcases the incredible assets of our region by way of community profiles, photos, area maps, events calendar, and much, much more!